Come explore spirituality, prayer, and healing, peruse or purchase Christian Science publications, speak with a librarian, and ask questions. Reading Rooms are open to people of all faiths, backgrounds, and ways of life and provides a quiet place to pray and study. 

Christian Science Bible Lesson
Bible Lessons from the Christian Science Quarterly

provide a practical program of self-instruction in

Christian Science. Lessons are made up of Bible

texts followed by correlative passages from

Science and Health. Each one is designed to show

how the timeless healing truths found in the Bible

apply in the world of today. Available in several print and audio editions.

Spiritual Resources

Christian Science Journal

The Christian Science Journal records the

healings and spiritual insights of those who

faithfully practice Christian Science.

 Individuals share how an ever-developing

understanding of God has healed, enlightened,

and blessed them, expanding their spirituality

and ability to heal others.The Journal also

includes a worldwide directory of Christian Science practitioners, teachers, and nurses available to anyone interested in spiritual healing, as well as a listing of all Christian Science churches and societies throughout the world.

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Monitor Newspaper

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Information about the life and writings of Mary Baker Eddy.

A complete source on Christian Science.

Attend a Christian Science Lecture

are based on the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and are designed to bring the healing message of Christian Science to all kinds of audiences. 

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Online resources

Receive online access toThe Christian Science Journal, and Sentinel,  including digital editions of the print periodicals, articles, blogs, and podcasts, over 30,000 minutes of SentinelRadio and audio chats, searchable archive going back to 1883

The Christian Science Monitor is an independent international news organization that delivers thoughtful, global coverage. Pick one up at our Reading Room.

Christian Science Sentinel

Each week the Christian Science Sentinel keeps

readers spiritually alert and conscious of God's

power in their daily lives. It provides a prayerful

window on your world--from current events to

personal issues like health, relationships, finance,

employment, and parenting. You will find spiritual

insights and examples of verified healings in

Christian Science which will help you heal yourself and others and 

connect you to the global reach of this Science.